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Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner Make the Same Offer - Shark Tank

Innovation is often a new product, but it can also be a new way of doing something or even a new way of thinking.

The wire mesh window screen was invented in the 1820’s to help prevent flying insects from coming into the homes, including malaria carrying mosquitos. This new window product didn’t become patented until 1913.  At this time the wire mesh was painted to reduce rusting and the custom made screens were added to existing windows.  This thriving business was the only way to have a screen on a window and it was a few decades later before screens were a standard component for Canadian and American windows.

Now, over a hundred years have past and innovation has reached the screen industry again.

Euro + Glasshaus builds well engineered windows that are tight, durable and attractive. The latest hardware designs are utilized and the most energy efficient glass options are incorporated. Over the past few decades, overlapping screens have been well built with discreet pins and mitred corner frames. Now, our screens do not require pins or frames – they are built into the window frame, allowing treasured sight lines and sleek hardware to shine as predominant features. FlexScreen is the innovative product we have been anticipating for years and it is lead by a true inventor that has taken a traditional everyday product and elevated it. The business model flourished on the mainstream network show Shark Tank, which placed our industry in a new and exciting spotlight. FlexScreen has invested into providing a customer direct website while supporting North American window manufacturers to include it within their new windows. Brilliant!

This is our time to promote innovation and encourage homeowners to take a closer look at the fit & finish of their windows. We may be inside our homes for a while longer and our FlexScreen inclusive windows will ensure our homes are more attractive and comfortable for years to come.


Now available with our ASPEKT series 1800 Casement System