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Well Seasoned

by Laura Weil

The reveal was just that - it bared all.  Season three of Cabin Pressure has aired the finale and this new space is ready for action.  This was our second round of working with designer power-couple Colin & Justin on a Haliburton cottage overhaul.  Last year, they reworked and reinvented an A-Frame cottage, which is fully utilized when a serene reprieve from travel and TV appearances is needed.  This year, the decaying cottage of choice was gutted, lifted and pumped up to become an ultimate Canadian cottage rental for at least a dozen guests.  

This is what we learned through the experience;

'Tight timeline' has new meaning for these shows.  
When the camera is rolling, everyone needs to be on their mark.  
This is a difficult time challenge, as film schedules and construction timelines don't cooperate.

It is possible to have 10-12 trades working in one space in unison.  
Having Tim's coffee and muffins on hand is key.

Black windows and doors are consistently the right choice when framing a beautiful lake view

Admittedly, coming through for this season was challenging.  The scope of the project was larger and there were more people involved with decisions.  Ultimately, the result was a beautiful reinvention of an old and weathered space.  Now ready for renters, the guests to obtain this cottage will love every detail and consideration made in their favour.  The decks, docks, kayaks, hot tub, sauna, paths, private rooms and elevated views will make a lasting impression on the friends and families coming together for a temporary stay in Haliburton Highlands.  We invite them to open windows, slide the doors and take in some fresh air and hypnotizing views of the lake.

photos courtesy of Sunspace Sunrooms
installation by Nortech Home Improvements
Cottage via Cabin Pressure on Cottage Life Network

for more insight to the project, here are a few articles featuring Euro Vinyl Windows
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~ thank you for having us as part of your ambitious project Colin & Justin 

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