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The Showroom Experience

carefully designed and perfectly finished

Like many large projects; this was discussed at length, researched, planned, shelved for a while, planned again, and has now come to completion.  Kempenfelt Windows & Doors wanted to resonate with the residents of Newmarket by providing a comfortable space which allows a home-owner to confidently make window and door choices.  What is unique about this showroom, is design.  Good design.  Most window and door showrooms are tight spaces, filled with various window and door products, samples and parts, without much consideration for the client experience.  










This is a very different approach.  Kempenfelt Windows & Doors hired an architect to design their window showroom; which is to make a lasting impression, is easy to navigate and finished with current exterior and interior details.  










Architect Brad Netkin, of STAMP Architecture, has used Euro windows in his own home and various projects.  Familiar with the journey of building or renovating a space with windows, Brad Netkin and the Kempenfelt team took to the drawing board and compiled showroom a design.  Many designs.  One stood out though.










With a set location and plan in place, the interior space started to take form. Showcasing large sliding doors, modern and traditional entry doors, black framed windows, through to statement garage doors.  The space lacks the usual clutter and shows exactly what to expect when they've finished a project. 



















Now ready for the big reveal, Kempenfelt Windows & Doors - Newmarket location has redefined the window and door showroom experience.