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Sexy Windows

All About Windows Session
by Laura Weil

I sat in a seminar that was presented by an architect and an engineer called All About Windows.  Now, I’ve been in the window industry for a while and have a clear understanding on most topics and applications relating to windows, however I wanted to hear how these two were presenting my industry to a room of designers, contractors and their fellow architects and engineers.

Many architectural drawings illustrate window designs which differ to what actually goes into residential and multi-purposes builds.  What I mean, is that most windows and doors sent out to a job site differ to what is actually drawn on the plans, by the dimensions and the way they operate.   With that in mind, I was curious to see what was going to be conveyed in this seminar.  I had assumed it would be an hour long discussion about how wonderful curtain walls applications are (when the full façade is cloaked in glass).  Yes – it’s beautiful and provides the largest view.  No - it isn’t practical.  Now with more stringent Canadian building codes that are focused on reducing energy consumption, curtain wall or window wall designs are challenged in meeting this code criteria.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that punch-out window design, where there is a balance between wall space and window, is the latest design trend.  The Canadian Building Code is certainly influencing this glazing detail and the architect that was delivering the speech provided some beautiful projects that featured the design perfectly. 

In Ontario, our vast temperature ranges from sub-tropical to sub-arctic, so we need to balance solar heat gain with insulation to maintain the comfort of our homes.  When this is properly executed and designed with unique materials and carefully considered wall to window ratios – the outcome is hearty in appearance.  It looks Canadian. It’s pretty cool.

The next pleasant component was when tilt-turn windows were deemed as the sexiest windows with the best aesthetic.  Ya baby, sexy windows  ~ you know it.  They are also the most energy efficient windows and are the European standard.  Right on all counts.  At this point I was feeling pretty good about sitting in a meeting that was fueling my window-geek ego.  They also stipulated the downfalls of the tilt turn system - which that they are an uncommon Canadian product and therefore can be difficult to outsource and because they aren't common in Canada, the hardware may not be intuitive to operate.  Also key points.  Fortunately for EVW, we have been manufacturing this window system for close to 30 years in a manufacturing facility just north of Toronto.  We’ve also created videos on how tilt turns, when balanced with an ideal amount of wall space, can give you the quietest and most comfortable living space.   We are stellar window and door manufacturers, yet haven’t been able to fully execute YouTube trending videos.  This one was really nice to film though.  I met with architect Bradly Netkin in his home on one of the first days of Spring, where the leaves were just coming out and were beautifully vibrant green and the fresh air was enticing.  We sat in front of an open bi-parting door where he spoke about everything mentioned in this blog;  we need wall space / tilt turn windows look amazing / and an impressive sound barrier made for a stellar finale.  In the end, the home featured in the video was purchased by real estate agents who preferred the windows in this home to the other homes they looked at.

STAMParchitecture interviewed by Laura Weil - Canadian Living So, in summary – you have found tilt turn windows in Canada – we will make them for you. 

Tilt turns are exceptionally efficient, they look beautiful, have been deemed as sexy windows, allow you to have a killer party without disturbing the neighbours, allow you to sleep in on weekends, bring indirect air flow in through the home - which means you can keep your
windows open for more months
of the year and turn the a/c off.

We know you will love them.

written by Laura Weil 
sales/service/marketing for EVW 
mediocre interviewer / queen window geek 


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