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Our Coffee Culture

Anyone that has visited our office here at euro + glasshaus knows we take our coffee seriously – and we aren’t talking about a drip, filter coffee that’s been baking for hours. More along the lines of high-quality espressos, macchiato’s and lattes – thoughtfully and carefully prepared using the highest quality bean and hand-crafted Italian equipment. Now, before you consider this column nothing more than a muse, reflecting on yet another obsession, think again.

The significance of coffee our workplace stems back over 20 years when it wasn’t at all uncommon to be working with fenestration installers and business owners of Finnish origins. On one occasion, I offered one such installer a coffee, and he gladly accepted my offer. While enjoying his coffee, he asked “do you know which country has the highest coffee consumption per capita?”. As you can well appreciate, I just assumed it was Italy, and when he informed me it was Finland, I had to take his word for it as Google didn’t yet exist. He explained that it was considered rude not to offer a guest a coffee, and equally rude to refuse one. With this information, I made it a point to offer our guests and visitors a coffee, and worked hard over the next 20 years to make each coffee a memorable one. You might ask “what does this have to do with anything?”. Let me explain.

Coffee has become an important part of how we do business. Most every morning starts with coffee. It could be short shot of espresso with production. An Oat milk latte with marketing or a strong espresso macchiato with our ERP Engineer. Consider it an elevator pitch length of time for a map of the day, except the short espresso is more like an escalator and the latte a gondola. Guests and customers to are privy to a coffee as well. This, however, is a very different experience. Much like the morning coffee, this tends to be a little slower. Its an opportunity for us to get to know our guests better, and our guests to know us for the things we do and what we stand for. It’s a balancing segue into what might follow. A vendor meeting. A plant tour. An Architectural presentation. Any of the above. The act of preparing and appreciating a coffee sets the tone. If there is any doubting this, look to high end luxury retailers. Louis Vuitton, Lexus and Emirates all subscribe to this business culture. In retail its used to increase “dwell time” – basically keeping the customer in the store longer so they will buy more or it might be at the back end of the sale while your waiting to settle up for the new ROLEX. Either way, the act of extending co-worker, a customer or a guest a coffee that you took the time to prepare and serve is an opportunity. Its an opportunity to talk. An opportunity to communicate. An opportunity to share ideas. An opportunity to get to know someone. An opportunity to learn.

All of this was learned over a cup of coffee almost 20 years ago, and to this day holds truer than ever. So, when a Finn offers you “santsikuppi” (another round of coffee), say yes.



written by Christopher Meiorin
president of euro+glasshaus