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Evolution of a Sliding Screen Door

Sliding screen doors are frustrating.  At least, we have been frustrated with the screen doors available in our market.  For the past few years, EVW has met with a broad range of suppliers in our North American industry, requesting to improve the typical screen door, and were met with the same results.  A dismissive 'no'.  Our wish list was for a screen that carried clean lines, had simple hardware, is sturdy and glides effortlessly.  This request was typically was met with cautionary tales of a higher cost product which the market doesn't need.  Most screen companies didn't feel that homeowners would see value in a better screen.  We didn't agree and kept on with the pursuit for something better.

One of the first screen manufacturers we met with is Screenco Manufacturing, located near our own shop.  We have worked with Screenco for decades and were hoping to align our design minds.  At first, our timing was off, as they had just finished developing a few other products.  So, we carried on.  It took a few years, however circled back with Screenco who had warmed up to the idea, now that they had expanded their business and industry reach. 

We finally got it; an enthusiastic 'yes'.

A key component is the innovative hardware from Monticelli, a world leader in producing precision corner joints, based in Italy.  This Monticelli hardware supersedes typical roller strength by fitting the corner together, while producing a smoother glide with Delrin nylon ball-bearing rollers.


The other two key elements were the design and geometry of the framework, along with the function and aesthetic of the handle hardware.  We spent months meeting over every angle and detail, until we all felt confident that we had evolved the sliding door screen. 

From there, its name and subsequent brand fell in place.  The journey to design and produce this screen door was very much in line with our own development of our Series2200 Sliding Door.  We collaborated in such harmony, that the door systems now share the same lineage and same name.  Evolution Door.


Over the next few weeks, the new Evolution Screen will take-on full production at the Screenco facility.  We're excited to show you how pleasing it looks and operates. 

The Evolution Screen will be available December 2018 and will be included in our standard offering by January 2019.

written by: Laura Weil


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