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Espresso and Windows

What does espresso have to do with making windows?

Before I worked in the Toronto area, I had only heard rumours of this ‘Window Zone’.  This area where there are hundreds of window and door manufacturers all competing for space.  I thought it was hype, or an excuse as to why Toronto seemed to be a challenging sales territory.  Then I became immersed in this region.  It is true – the density of window and door manufacturers in this one area exceeds that of anywhere else in North America.  One of my first realizations was that being a tea drinker wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  That and I needed nicer shoes.  This Italian rich area in Toronto's north end is fueled by a high octane juice that they call ‘coffee’, and it is pulled off in style.  It seems that most shops in the area from retail to hardware fabricators are well equipped with various types of espresso machines.  Everyone boasts that theirs is the best.  The art of business in this OZ like area seems to include a defined coffee ritual.  It took me a while to summons the courage to try espresso out.   The first hit of espresso was taken during a photo shoot for my introduction image at EVW.  The coffee ritual and photo shoot was a great team building experience (caffeinated team in front of hot lights and cameras).  I was hooked!

From that day forward, I started to join in with this ritual and it is now a defined aspect of our company culture.  Our guests from abroad come in and look forward to spending time with us in the kitchen, catching up over an espresso and some local baked goods.  Every day at 2:00PM, there is a coffee break for the office staff and our famed barista, Christopher Meiorin.  We have even included a coffee scene in our corporate video.
So, if you are wondering why we included espresso in our video – you are welcome to come in and try it some time.  It may make more sense after that.



written by Laura Weil