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A Dog-Ear for 2018

I have a feeling our industry, at least in Ontario, will relate 2018 to the year of 'The Green-On Rebate Program' for some time.  The rebate was a substantial Provincial incentive program, which blew through the first half of our year, and it was a force to recon with.  This program made certain that every participating window supplier, manufacturer, retailer and installer was operating at full capacity.  

That said, we had our own plans ahead of this frenzy and we carried them through during this immense workload. 

Here's our year in review, which I have had the pleasure of sifting through.  I'm hoping to convey this with the shear pride I have in what we have accomplished here at EVW.  It took tremendous effort, which I believe was unanimously allocated so we can collectively move forward with the next phases.  You have high expectations of us and we will continue to work hard to ensure you're pleased.


A 15,000 sq ft Bump to the Side

We expanded the EVW facility this year and our Evolution Door is now fully fabricated at our facility. Click here to read about it.


New Team Member

Negar Golfar came on board as our Production Scheduler and was instrumental in our success of order commitment through to fulfillment.  We're going to miss her in 2019, as she will be spending time with her first born!  


Evolved the Sliding Screen

We worked with Screenco on developing a modern and reliable screen door system for our Evolution door system.  The first of it's kind in our industry!  Click here to read more.


We Found Inspiration at a Glass Plant

We will be transitioning to Cardinal Glass IG in the New year, which for a multitude of reasons is exciting for us.  The Fremont, IN plant tour was monumental, as it also inspired us to take a closer look into Lean Manufacturing practices here at EVW.


Established New Alliances

After 30 years of absolute dedication to one vinyl supplier, EVW is now opening the door to include a new window system, developed by us, for our market.  We're excited to share this developing story with you and equally enthusiastic about seeing this new window system in the homes of future customers.


We'll put a fold in the top corner of 2018, as it will have a ripple effect on us all.  As the year closes, there's a sense of accomplishment and togetherness which will fuel efforts for the array of changes we're going to take on.  In 2019, we will have a larger team to serve you, two new window systems to bring us into the next era of window technologies and even more enhancements to the systems we manufacture today. 

Keep your expectations high - we're going to meet you there.


written by Laura Weil