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Break Apart

How to Properly Abuse Windows - written by Laura Weil

It isn't often that we get to crush windows. In 2012 we got to do just that - crush windows. We took our casement cross section, along with competitors, and set off to the REHAU test lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This facility tests uPVC extrusions for weld strength, gloss levels, elasticity, and other key components to ensure consistency. These tests are conducted on REHAU extrusions on a daily basis, by the operators of the extrusion lines and Quality Control Managers. Bringing new vinyl cross sections for this team to rip apart created a buzz in the lab. They got to see how REHAU vinyl extrusions actually stood up against other vinyl windows. All of the tests were equally arranged and the results were impressive. Every test showed a significant spread in the strength, durability, and elasticity of REHAU extrusions compared to the competing products. These results were compiled and presented in video to show how the tests are conducted and the purpose of the tests.

The strength of our weld is a testament to our URBAN welding equipment, the expertise of the EVW Welding Operator and the design and formula of the REHAU extrusion. The elasticity of the extrusion is important for fabrication, installation and the durability of the windows during large temperature shifts and debris impact.  When it comes down to it, we went toe to toe and our windows are in a league of their own.