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6 Easy Tips to Bring More Natural Light into Your New Home

One of the best parts about buying a new house is that you get to furnish your home with beautiful, fresh décor. Many homeowners start by purchasing home essentials such as lamps and lighting. During the day, natural lighting will offer the same dramatic effect as your opulent chandeliers or accent lights. Instead of adding another set of track lights or recessed lighting to your home purchase cost, you can use the power of natural light from the sun to provide your rooms with much-needed illumination. 

Explore the best ways to add more light to a room, even if you live in a cold or cloudy climate. Each one of these popular solutions for homeowners is both convenient and affordable. After you DIY these ideas, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable home and discover simple ways to use less electricity. 


1. Paint in Light or Neutral Colors  

Lighter paint colors reflect the sun. This natural effect makes any room brighter. If you need a little inspiration, some of the most trendy neutral paint shades include vanilla, alabaster and light taupe. For a more vibrant hue, try lemon, soft peach or sage. Metallic-colored paint can also help with light reflection. Adventurous homeowners will find that these shades look striking in kitchens and bathrooms. Look for silver, chrome and frosted golds. You can also try working with metallic wallpaper. 


2. Hang Accent Mirrors 

Along with your light paint, wall mirrors will help you to reflect sunlight back into a room. Find a few large, decorative mirrors in light or metallic shades to place around your space. If you’d like, you can also arrange mirrors of different sizes in the same area. Square and rectangle mirrors offer a clean, angular look, while oval and circular mirrors create a soft and lavish feel. Place them across from windows or sliding glass doors for an even more dramatic effect. Your space will feel airy and bright, even on the coldest days of winter. 


3. Buy the Right Window Coverings 

There are a variety of beautiful window coverings on the market. While they may look great, only some of them help to showcase natural light. Finding the right shades or blinds can make a big difference in the amount of sunlight you allow into your home. Start by ditching the heavy drapes, which actually block the sun. The best shades and blinds will let you control the amount of light that comes in. This is true whether they are completely open or closed. Budget-friendly and versatile cellular shades are perfect for maximizing natural light and come in both single cell and double cell options. Whichever type you choose, you’ll enjoy soft, natural light throughout the day while maintaining your privacy. Top down bottom up models makes it even easier to decide how much brightness you want. Going cordless is not only stylish, but also keeps pets and kids safe. Other popular options include light filtering sheer shades and top down bottom up pleated shades. 


4. Install Metallic Fixtures 

Metallic fixtures do more than match your paint and decorative mirrors. They also help to illuminate every corner of your space. Swap out ordinary cabinet pulls, door handles and faucets. The most popular metals for illuminating your space include stainless steel, chrome and aluminum. If you’re into a golden tone, brass and copper are also trending. Stay away from hammered or antique styles. Polished, brushed and satin finishes are the most reflective. With these tips, you’ll find natural light reflecting throughout your room from sunrise to sunset–even for a modest price. 


5. Move the Furniture 

One of the most simple yet overlooked ways to add natural lighting to your home is to arrange or rearrange your furniture. As you move into your new house, pay attention to where you put couches, armoires and dressers. Covering even half of a window can dramatically reduce the natural light that enters your room. Place large sofas and cupboards against the wall. This approach will make your space feel cozier. At the same time, allow window treatments, artwork and gathering tables to showcase your windows and sliding glass doors. 


6. Make the Ceiling Metallic 

Metallic ceilings make the entire room look more impressive. While the effect appears luxurious, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Metallic ceiling paint is available at home improvement and hardware stores. Best of all, you can create the finish you want in as little as a weekend. When you purchase your metallic paint, make sure to pick up other essential supplies like primer, painter’s tape and a drop cloth. Choose a shade that complements your décor, such as gold or a satin shade of white. Adding molding to the area around the painted ceiling will further add to its elegance. For most rooms, a 2¼-inch molding will do. 


Increase Natural Light for a Bright New Home 

Natural lighting does more than make your home more attractive and energy efficient. Letting sunlight in will make you feel more comfortable and warm during winter. It’ll also help insulate your home when it starts to get dark outside. Besides, with your windows open or partially exposed, you can better enjoy your yard–as well as the sunset and sunrise. Start with a few natural light ideas that seem to work best for your family. Next, add more of the solutions above until you receive the right amount of sunlight. With a little effort and creativity, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that natural lighting has to offer.